What is This New Metaverse Project Going to Change?

MetaHero NFT Project

C. L. Beard
2 min readDec 6, 2021


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Metahero has grown itself into a top 100 cryptocurrency project in just six months. It has entered a significant stag of its growth as a project and with metaverse everything growing in searches and consciousness around the internet you should know what is Metahero, and what does the project promise to do.


So first what are the tokenomics. The study of the economics in crypto tokens or cryptocurrencies is called ‘tokenomics’. It fundamentally involves studying the factors that impact the demand and supply of tokens. These factors include quality, distribution and production of crypto tokens. Also quantity of tokens and something called burn rate if that is included.

As of this writing the current price in USD is .18 or eighteen cents US. The max supply of HERO tokens is 10 billion tokens. HERO is the ticker symbol for the Metahero token traded on KuCoin, Gate.io and other exchanges. HERO is now a utility token which has allowed the project to get listed on larger exchanges as those listed above.

There was a 4% burn rate attached to each transaction in HERO tokens. That has allowed the team to amass a reserve of $70 million USD. Now the tokenomics have changed and trading in HERO is now fee free. What this means for traders is you will get an extra 5% in tokens roughly each time you buy the coin. Petty cool.

The Tech

What is the tech behind Metahero and what are they trying to build. Just saying this is a metaverse project is not nearly enough to explain what they are doing. They are creating virtual avatars with their Everdome technology. There will be 3d avatars in this metaverse created with Everdome technology built in partnership with Wolf Digital World.

This metaverse can include gaming, avatars, virtual reality, augmented reality and used in medical treatments or by the fashion industry to create virtual fashion shows. There are a number of things this technology can be used for. Building a holo-deck maybe.

The Metahero app is another part of the Metahero ecosystem. The first eidtion of the app will act as a vehicle for holding and transacting in HERO tokens. Later, it is said the app will also allow users to license the NFTs, track all metrics related to their HERO activity, and function as a fiat onramp to the Metahero ecosystem.

So there is a lot of promise with the tech behind this project and delivery is possible. Have to wait and see if they can actually deliver.



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